Nutcase Helmets in Sports Illustrated

Nutcase Checkerboard bike and skate helmet

Congrats to Nutcase Helmets on the company's recent feature on the Sports Illustrated blog. It's great to see hard work rewarded with this kind of national recognition. Keep it up everybody, can't wait to see what's in store for you all next!

OPEN FORD - June 6th @ The Ford Building, 6-10pm

Welcome to the First OPEN FORD! Sounds like First Friday @ the Ford you might say…it is but it isn't. This being the first official event, OPEN FORD is a voluntary, grassroots, tenant-driven initiative to leverage and amplify the creativity and excitement of the Ford District community.  This being the FIRST event, the event incorporates Ford Building tenants but will hopefully incorporate larger Ford District area businesses and creative community on a more regular basis.

In short: Because we can... and we should! As tenants of the Ford Building, we are fortunate to feast off the creative energy of others within our orbit; as artists and entrepreneurs, we are constantly seeking a wider audience for our ideas and offerings; and as business owners and operators, we know that fostering connections and actively growing our businesses leads to an ever-stronger community... and a beefier bottom line.

Beginning on Friday, June 6, 2014, from 6pm - 10pm, and at some interval-to-be- determined thereafter (current thinking is focused on Portland Design Week in September), those individuals and firms who are willing and able will open their doors to clients, collaborators, families and friends... and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Short Answer: No one is in charge.
Sightly-Less-Obfuscatory Answer: Open Ford is a purely-collaborative, open-source, leader-free “virtual entity” - it surrounds us and guides us, paving the way to a brighter tomorrow, well after our hangovers clear up - but it may also “strongly recommend” that we tidy up after ourselves and take out the trash... so we think that it’s a little bit like Your Mom in that respect.

If you and/or your firm are overbooked, we salute you for having something better/more- remunerative to do on a Friday night, and might be able to recommend some super- efficient planning and scheduling apps too, for a modest fee of course. If you/your firm are reclusive and/or antisocial, you probably will not enjoy this event, and we would hate to put you in a tough spot... but if you’re just unsure if it’s a good idea, then you might want to come as a secret, non-tenant “guest” in disguise, and pretend to do some due diligence while drinking everyone else’s beer for free.

Yes - despite our best efforts, Ford Building ownership and management have been kept well-informed of this event, and have agreed for the most part to “look the other way”... as long as we don’t make too much of a racket and/or mess.

Approximately: andy warfel design&creative, Crowd Compass, Drawbridge Creative, ELK Collective, Frank Creative, Homeland Gallery, Kathleen O’Brien Attorney, Nourish Integrative Massage, Nutcase Helmets, Julie M. Smircic Counseling... and, hopefully, YOU TOO!!!

Congrats to Elk Collective on their 2012 Gold Key Award

Congratulations to the crew at Elk Collective on winning Hospitality Style Magazine's Gold Key Award for their stunning work in the Dream Hotel South Beach in Miami. Elk Collective has been churning out world class branding, graphic design, interior design, apparel design and more from suite 137 at the Ford Building for almost a year now. Keep up the good work you guys, proud to have you here!

WINDOWWALL Salon Continues to Grow

WINDOWWALL Salon has recently added a new stylist and continues to receive accolades for their peerless work. Their chic space features huge windows (hence the name) that overlook the city from downtown to Mt. Tabor. Guests can relax, enjoy the view and sip a glass of wine all while having their hair dressed by some of the city's best stylists.

Open daily 11am-8pm. For appointments call 503.309.6008

Indiehops in the Willamette Week

If you didn't pick up the February 15th copy of the Willamette Week please follow this LINK to their article on the Indiehops and the hops industry in the Willamette Valley.

Indiehops is the driving force behind a movement to develop new hop varieties for craft brewers and is helping preserve the Willamette Valley's reputation as the nations top producer of high-quality hops. Way to go guys! Next pint's on me...

Join Us At The Ford Building This Friday, March 2nd

On Friday, March 2nd from 5-7pm, Vinnie's Hair will be hosting local beermaker Harvester Brewing for a tasting of their select craft beers. Harvester Brewing is Oregon's first dedicated gluten-free brewery. The company brews, bottles, and distributes their beer from a production facility in SE Portland. 

The event also dovetails with the building's participation in the First Friday Artwalk. Multiple artists will open their studios to the public and Ford Food and Drink will host live music. From 5-7pm Hanz Araki and Kathryn Claire will perform their unique brand of celtic-folk. Following, from 8-10pm will be the experimental sounds of Strange Language. 

All Ford tenants are encouraged to attend and all events are open to the public as well. Hope to see you there!

Construction Update

The city is planning two separate construction projects that will affect the Ford Building in the coming months.

In December, contractors will begin replacing a section of sewer pipe at the intersection of Powell St. and Milwaukie Ave. They will work their way north on Milwaukie Ave, eventually encompassing 11th and 12th Ave. between Division St. and Gideon St. The total project is expected to take 6 months, though the portion of construction that will impact the Ford Building will be less. We've been assured that access to our parking lots will be maintained but we expect coming and going will be made more difficult. For a map of the project please see the project web page HERE.

Beginning in spring, Division St. from 11th Ave. to 39th Ave. will be undergoing major changes including repaving, a re-designed streetscape including bioswales, signage and enhanced access to public transit. Once complete, we all stand to benefit from the improvements but we are likely to see disruptions to traffic around the building as work occurs. More information on the project can be found HERE.

We will be working with the city to make the project run as smoothly as possible for our tenants. We will provide construction updates and schedules as soon as they are made available to us. Rhetta Drennan, at the City of Portland is available to answer any questions you may have regarding construction. You can email her or call her at: 503.823.6006.