SE Artwalk At The Ford Building This Weekend

The Ford Building is happy to announce that we will be playing host to the SE Portland Artwalk this weekend. Artists will be loading their works into the building Friday evening after 6pm. The Artwalk itself takes place Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Many of our artists will be participating and will have their doors open. Guest artists will fill the Gallery Homeland space as well as our remaining vacant spaces in the basement and the 2nd and 3rd floors. Ford Food and Drink will be extending its hours for the duration of the show and will feature art as well as live music. While the formal deadline to be listed in the show has passed, anyone interested in participating is welcome to open their doors to visitors. You're sure to get a steady stream of curious patrons.

The Artwalk is in its 8th year and is one of the most significant events on the Portland art calendar. This year 200+ artists will be exhibiting and 60+ will be housed here at the Ford. We expect a large turnout and look forward to introducing the building to number of new faces. In conjuction with Gallery Homeland, the Love Show and our upcoming participation in First Fridays, we hope to turn the Ford Building into an arts hub for SE Portland and a landmark in our community.

Here is a link to the Artwalk Website.

Thanks much to Ford Artists Therese Murdza, and Olinka Broadfoot for all their hard work in bringing the Artwalk to the building. Thanks to Paul Middendorf of Gallery Homeland for making his space available and thanks as well to Ford Food and Drink for their support of the show. All are much appreciated.