Construction Update

The city is planning two separate construction projects that will affect the Ford Building in the coming months.

In December, contractors will begin replacing a section of sewer pipe at the intersection of Powell St. and Milwaukie Ave. They will work their way north on Milwaukie Ave, eventually encompassing 11th and 12th Ave. between Division St. and Gideon St. The total project is expected to take 6 months, though the portion of construction that will impact the Ford Building will be less. We've been assured that access to our parking lots will be maintained but we expect coming and going will be made more difficult. For a map of the project please see the project web page HERE.

Beginning in spring, Division St. from 11th Ave. to 39th Ave. will be undergoing major changes including repaving, a re-designed streetscape including bioswales, signage and enhanced access to public transit. Once complete, we all stand to benefit from the improvements but we are likely to see disruptions to traffic around the building as work occurs. More information on the project can be found HERE.

We will be working with the city to make the project run as smoothly as possible for our tenants. We will provide construction updates and schedules as soon as they are made available to us. Rhetta Drennan, at the City of Portland is available to answer any questions you may have regarding construction. You can email her or call her at: 503.823.6006.